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21 August 2010

Cradle Cap

Another thing we hate. Just don't schedule your babies baptism when they are 6 weeks old as they are sure to have baby pimples and cradle cap.  Yes both go away with time but are yucky and not great for baby pictures.

  • Use a soft brush or even a toothbrush to loosen scales.  You can also remove scales with a fine tooth comb.
  • Shampoo frequently.
  • Use a medicated shampoo like Selsun Blue - be careful to avoid the eyes.  Rinse really well.
  • Before shampooing you can rub in a natural oil like Olive Oil or Almond Oil and leave in about 15 minutes.  If it is really bad you can leave it in overnight - it may clog the pores and is messy - but sometimes you just got to do it.  The flakes can be picked off the next morning (gross I know).
  • For really severe cases - my son's was so bad his head was bleeding - we got a prescription for a foam called Verdeso.  It is relatively new but worked wonders.

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  1. Aquaphor did the trick for us after months of everything else. Used it once or twice and it never came back.