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21 August 2010


My littlest guy just got his first tooth - at 9 months and 4 days of age. Yes, he is a bit late to get his first tooth but he has been pretty good about it so far so I am not complaining.

Here are my top teething tips:
  • Wet a clean wash cloth on the corner, freeze it and give it to baby to chew on. 
  • Put some ice in one of those nifty mesh Baby Safe Feeders - Nuby make one called a Nibble which is great. I give it a little rinse and he sucks away like mad as happy as a pig in mud.
  • Wash your finger and gently rub the gums for about 1-2 minutes - you can do this with a cold/icy washcloth too.
  • Give your baby a rubber teething ring you put in the freezer to chew on - but let it get a bit soft before giving it to your baby.There is a BPA free one by Green Sprouts that is good.
  • Biter biscuits - these are hard, baby biscuits especially for little ones.  Watch for choking and don't leave unattended!
  • Cold foods like applesauce and yogurt.  I think I might make some applesauce Popsicles!
  • To prevent drooling rash - dab on some Vaseline, Aquaphor or similar product after you pat the area dry.
  • Give some acetaminophen or ibuprofin  if your Doctor gives you the ok - I generally do this only at night when things are desperate.  Do NOT give aspirin - this is dangerous to babies.
  • Baby Orajel - this is a numbing lotion you put on gums so be careful with it.

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