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23 August 2010

Diaper Rash

Ouch - nothing looks worse than diaper rash on what should be a sweet baby bottom ready for kissing.  And I am sure it hurts like hell.

Tips for treatment:
  • Avoid wet-wipes and use a warm washcloth to clean the area.
  • Slather on Zinc Oxide, Butt paste, Desitin (original), A&D or Triple Paste.
  • Change the instant there is action below (either end can irritate the skin)
  • Give the butt some air time - lots of air time on a towel or waterproof mat.
  • Give a warm bath each day with a little baking soda added.
  • There is a product called Calmoseptine which is a medical grade barrier cream.  I have a friend who was desperate after all else failed and it worked wonders for her daughter.
  • Pure Lanolin can soothe sore skin too.

Yeast Rash
  • There is a chance it could be a yeast infection especially if you or your baby has been on antibiotics.  
  • A yeast rash looks a little different - red, raised and with a definite border.
  • Mix a little Monistat or an anti-fungal like Lotrimin or Clotrimazole with your diaper cream.
  • You may need a prescription like Nystatin.

Take note of what your child ate - some foods are very acidic and can burn fragile skin easily - like oranges (and their juice) and tomatoes.

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