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20 August 2010

Food Throwing

Hate the mess?  Don't have a dog?  Then here are some top tips to stop kids throwing food on the floor - we are talking baby/toddlers here - not college students:
  • Put only small portions on their tray and add to it once it is finished.
  • A firm "no" when food goes overboard.
  • Remove the food and say "you must be all done" when the hand swiping starts - they will get the message especially if you remove them from their chairs and don't give-in to pleas for more food.
  • Teach them to say or sign the words "all done" when they are no longer hungry.
  • Definitely don't laugh when they do it the first time - it won't be funny for long.
But, stuff still happens so:
  • Invest in a dog.
  • Use a hand vacuum before you step on the Cheerios.
  • Put a splat mat under their high-chair.
  • Teach your kids to clean-up.  They can wipe-up their own messes with a paper towel from a very young age.
Remember kids will get a bit messy and they need to feel different textures and  use utensils.  This type of mess is normal - it is the happy, throw-down the meal stuff that is not nice especially if you ever want to leave the house and go out to eat!

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